Deacon Escarpment Campsites


Make One With Nature


Camping under the stars is as good as it gets when you want to connect with nature!

 When you camp with us you leave your car behind, grab a trail map and backpack in to the forest and hills of the Deacon Escarpment trail system. 

Campsite Variety


We have multiple "BACKPACK IN" style campsites for you to choose from. Their locations were carefully chosen for privacy and for their 

unique landscape features; however, we also offer 2 sites that have "DRIVE TO" locations ideal for guests wishing to come and go easily while visiting local attractions.

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Winter Camping!


Yes! We are open in the winter and have camping sites available for you to try this amazingly unique outdoor must.

Or pick your own spot along one of the trails!! 

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Campers' Corner


Why Rough It?

If this is your first time camping outside of a campground environment you can expect one of the deepest connections with nature you've had. It's just you, what you've brought in, the bush, the sky, the campfire and a great feeling of independence.

If you are not new to this you are probably addicted to the adventure and privacy of it--you already know that you will discover your own unique experience and create your own unique memories.

How Do I Get There?

We strongly encourage you to backpack in from where you park your car at our entrance. Hiking there is part of the total outdoors experience by exposing you to the sights and sounds of the area. There is a shuttle service available and currently free with our opening promotion until Jan 31st. The option is always there to arrange a drive for yourself and your gear, or maybe just your gear! Call or text to arrange or find out more: 

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What's Included at My Site?

All sites have an outhouse box and a traditional rustic stone campfire pit situated both for your view and for safety. 

Since the sites are new there is currently no campsite furniture such as tables; however, we have seen how creative campers can be and would love to have you create something for your site from the natural materials at hand!

For Winter Camping there are a few extras you should bring, if you have never winter camped before, please contact us for some pointers.  

What Else Should I Bring?

We can make do without a lot, but some comforts from home are always nice!

Suggested Items: Keep in mind what you can carry on varying terrain. Try your bag on to see if you've overdone it:)

-the tent & sleeping bags

-a tarp for your tent in case of rain, maybe an extra to sit under outside

-drinking water

-simple one pot meals and light wholesome snacks

-minimal cookware: pot with lid and frying pan

-emergency first aid kit, cell phone, flashlights, lighters

-high quality hiking boots & seasonal clothes that you can layer (bug vest & repellent for May-July). 

What Else Can I Do There?

Explore!! As our guest you have access to 30km of marked hiking trails (Free map available at our entrance).  One of the trails will lead to canoes where you may rent one for a paddle on a small forest lake. The trails have many lookouts along the escarpment, but there is one on your map that also has a picnic table for a rest stop.

We want you to enjoy your experience. Please make sure you plan your hike so that you are back at your campsite before dark!

What If I Have Questions During My Stay?

Call or text us anytime--really:)

We understand that things come up or are forgotten. There is a cell tower on the property that provides very good reception.