Frequently Asked Questions


What's provided in the 2 one-room cabins?

-A double queen-sized bunk bed

-Solar lighting with charging system for personal devices

-A table and two indoor/outdoor chairs

-propane fireplace with remote thermostat 

-coffee pot, cutting boards, wash tub

-trail map and field guides


-access to 30km of trails

-canoe, paddles and life jackets at a nearby lake

-a BBQ with utensils and fire pit with cooking grill

-solar shower

-picnic table and log stool seating

-private hiking trail to your cabin, private deck and view of Golden Lake

-outhouse box at the Trackers Cabin; Algonquin Wolf Cabin has enclosed outhouse with vanity & running water.

Provided in the 2 bedroom Sarah Lesley Cabin

-Single-over-double beds in each bedroom, shelves, worktop area in one, extra propane heater in other.

-solar fridge/freezer, solar lighting with charging station, solar TV (takes memory stick for movies).

-propane fireplace, propane 4-burner stove with oven.

-full kitchen ware: dinner ware, cups, mugs, pots, frying pan, baking trays, mixing bowl. 

-coffee percolator, knife set, can opener, dish cloth and wash cloth, dish soap.

-island table and seating for 4, rolling mini island with 2 stools for extra seating or bring the chairs on the deck to dine from the ledge and enjoy the views.

-bathroom has composting toilet, vanity with running water

-extra sleeping room on living room couch 

-hiking trail map and field guides

**NEW: sheets and pillows with cases are now provided! For more information or to order a full bedding set please visit our "Packages Section"...


-private hiking trail to the cabin

-fire pit with cooking grill, picnic table 

and solar lighting

-solar shower 

-deck with propane BBQ and utensils, 2 folding chairs

-canoe, paddles and life jackets at a nearby lake : 25 min hike.

Is there running water?

One Room Cabins: The Trackers Cabin has no running water; however, 7 gallons of well water is provided for your use. The Algonquin Cabin has a gravity water system in the outhouse for washing.

The two room Sarah Lesley Cabin has running water for the kitchen and bathroom sinks and flush composting toilet as well as an outdoor solar shower bag.

Is bedding provided?

Guests bring their own bedding unless they are requesting our "Bedding Set."  Additional cost of $20. Sheets and pillows are now provided at no cost.

What should we bring?

-Your camera for the wildlife, views and to take back your memories!

-your own bedding if you prefer 

-high quality hiking boots &/or rubber boots


-food for the BBQ or fire pit 

-cutlery, plates, cups (The Sarah Lesley Cabin has all kitchen ware included)

-a cooler for groceries if we are not shopping for you. Ice. Some guests have us plan meals for which we have a cooler:)

-foil, soap, wash cloth and dish towel


-water bottle

-bug jacket and repellent (late Spring/early Summer)

-lots of layers of clothing, warm boots, hat and mittens (Spring, Autumn, Winter)

Is there cell service?

Yes, there is a cell tower on the property that provides excellent service.

Are pets allowed?

Most definitely! We welcome all well behaved pets. A leash is preferred for the parking area so that they are not tempted to chase the farm chickens.


Where can I find out more about your cabins and trails?

For additional pictures you can visit us on Instagram @deaconescarpment. We love to have guests' discoveries added to our collection: #deaconescarpment to add yours!

You can also like and follow us on Facebook.

How challenging are your trails?

We have trails of varying lengths to suit your preferences. The trail map has the length of each trail listed. Each one has unique landscapes and habitats full of different trees, flowers, mushrooms and wildlife.

All trails that lead to the escarpment have a climb. The upper trails have views of Golden Lake and wind through the surrounding forest with moderate hills with semi-rugged, rocky areas. The lower trails have no hills and seasonal wet areas.

Our trail system is colour coded for ease of use. Each trail has it's own coloured dots to follow as you hike, which will correspond to their colour on the map.

Could we use a stroller on the trails?

A sturdy, 3-wheel style stroller meant for rough terrain would be needed for most of the trails. 

If you are interested in a day-use stroll, however, the small gravel road leading directly from the parking area would be perfect. It has a gradual incline and plenty of nature to take in along the way. This road ends in a very steep climb that leads to a lookout area and picnic table if you are up for a challenge; however, it is not recommended for a stroller. To skip the climb and return to your vehicle you would turn around at the base of the hill and head back along the same road. 

Can we swim at the lake?

The forest lake is spring-fed with a natural rocky shoreline, some weedy areas, and no sand beaches. There are some larger rocks which would be perfect to swim from and have a shore lunch.

Additionally, we have access to a private beach a short drive away which you can arrange to visit upon request.

There is also a public swimming and picnic area in Deacon 5 min drive down the road from your vehicle. Pack a lunch or visit the restaurants within walking distance.

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We want to be here for you, so feel free to call or text us with your questions any time. If you are staying with us our number is in the cabin in case you forget something or have additional questions.

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